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DIY Sheetmetal MAC11

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  • Ghoulardi
    Re: DIY Sheetmetal MAC11

    I have a COBRA 9mm M11 I bought way, way back in 96 or there abouts. about a couple years back when I was making PPS-43 drums, I had this notion of making a drum for my M11 using SUMOI drum, but there is no steel mags available that doesn't cost a arms and a leg.

    so I put that on the back burner until I find a steel mag at a reasonable price.

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  • Lasergunner
    started a topic DIY Sheetmetal MAC11

    DIY Sheetmetal MAC11

    The prototype shown was built as a non-firing display model with a dummy bolt and barrel for legal reasons, though it perfectly demonstrates how a compact commercial design can be constructed with little more than a drill, angle grinder and welder.

    Another wonderful contribution to American freedom brought us by way of the THEFIREARMBLOG.COM. A downloadable PDF can be obtained here: