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Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

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  • Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

    I just got another AK and it has non skid tape on the lower handguard (brown US poly)I had one awhile back with the same stuff on it. They were acquired a thousand miles apart from each other.

    My first reaction was mostly negative, but it's starting to grow on me. I have to wonder how it would hold up to field use though.

    I bet it would be a great addition to a pump action gun...

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    Re: Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

    I have several 1911's I use it on and a couple of 1st gen Glock 17's. Holds up fairly well and easy to replace when needed.


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      Re: Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

      Rather than screw up the frame on my 100% German made SIG-Sauer P220 by stippling it, I used non-skid tape on the front strap.

      I just took a few simple measurements and cut out a piece with scissors. It looks very aftermarket and you can't tell it's a DIY job. I had to cut a few though, it's tough measuring a curved surface with a straight rule.

      It greatly improves the grip without looking trashy or gaudy.
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        Re: Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

        I've tried it on a couple of handguns that I thought were not quite "grippy" enough to suit me. It was overkill in that function. I want a grip on the thing, but I've got to be able to move my hand when I want to also. Having to either pry my fingers loose or having it wear holes in my skin are not acceptable alternatives.

        I can see where it would be nice on the foregrip of a rifle, or probably on the slide of a pump shotgun, but for handgun grips, it kind'a sucks. YMMV, but that's my take on it. I wouldn't use it on the stock, because my right hand is the one I want free to move when it needs to.
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          Re: Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

          I've decided to definitely keep it the way it is. The good thing about the US parts is that It will make it easier to keep legal when I convert it to take standard AK mags.

          That's right, I just tried to put a mag in it and confirmed that the rifle was never converted to doublestack. It looks like my dremel and me have a date...


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            Re: Grip tape (non skid tape) on a stock/grip?

            Talon makes fitted wrap arounds in both regular skate tape and a rubberized version. I use the rubber type on handguns, especially those with somewhat slick polymer frames. So far I've been well pleased and at 20 bucks shipped, I think well worth the money. ISC, actually you're lucky it hasn't been opened up. Century angry beavers were famous for making the mag chute too large, allowing a real bad magazine rattle.
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