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Interesting Ruger .22 Pistol Problem

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  • Interesting Ruger .22 Pistol Problem

    Friend of mine showed up at camp with a Ruger he had gotten when his dad died.
    The top part actually 'wobbled' and I could not break it down because the take down lever seemed stuck.
    He took it home and oiled it REAL good. I broke it down easy, cleaned and examined it. Found NOTHING wrong. Reassemble it.
    Wobble disappeared and she ran fine.

    Theory: His dad or someone had had it apart and did not assemble it right. It was then forced closed. The top of lever that sticks out of the top was not fully seated, therefore the wobble.

    Whatcha think? And thanks.
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    Re: Interesting Ruger .22 Pistol Problem

    Sounds right to me. They are fantastic little pistols, but they have their reassembly quirks. Better have a manual handy when working on one. IIRC, they have to be assembled upside down to get everything to fall into place correctly. I think you're good to go.
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      Re: Interesting Ruger .22 Pistol Problem

      I'm going to have to agree with arkyboy here. If that thing isn't held upside down and at a slight angle, all the parts don't fit back together right. My first time with one was quite a learning experience.

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        Re: Interesting Ruger .22 Pistol Problem

        Ehh, I don't think they're that bad to work on.
        Just have to realize that the hammer extension that seats in the hammer spring has to be in the right spot when trying to install and close the locking pin.
        I found that if having troubles reinstalling it, to take a FMJ round and use the pointed tip to push the recoil spring guide rod toward the front of the receiver.
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