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I need a 1911 hammer and sear

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  • I need a 1911 hammer and sear

    I disassembled a friends 1911 and am attempting to replace the worn out parts. It wasn'y locking the hammer back in the cocked position. Looking at the hammer it seems like the engagement area was ground down as part of someone's attempt at a "trigger job".

    I want to replace the sear and trigger too. The trigger that was in it is plastic, and I don't think I like that either.

    Is there a packaged kit that has a hammer, sear, and trigger as a set? It doesn't need to be anything special. The cheaper the better, as long as the pistol will be safe. I was even hoping that I could find someone that upgraded their pistol and had leftover parts.

    Can anyone direct me to a source?

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    I've got a stainless spur hammer from a Colt you can have. The only trigger I have is a plastic pad model w/stainless bow, in the long variety. These have worked well for me in the past... Sorry I'm out of sears, do have three or four disconnectors tho. You can order parts from Midway. LMK on the hammer.
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      I got a hammer and trigger from a buddy. I think the sear will probably be ok. I'll find out when I put it together.