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I repaired an SKS safety.

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  • I repaired an SKS safety.

    I acquired a Chinese SKS recently that the trigger group had been replaced on because the safety didn't work. I anted to fix the original trigger group so that all the numbers on the SKS would match and I'd have a spare.

    The problem with it was that the safety wouldn't stay in place and would fall down into the fire position. I examined it to see what was causing the problem.

    If you look at the picture you can see part number 43 which is the safety spring. I'm assuming that someone tried to remove or install the trigger assembly with the safety off and it bent the spring.

    To fix it, I drove out the pin which holds the safety in. I did this with the punch that comes in a standars cleaning kit, but before I could use that punch I had to make the tip smaller with a file.

    Once the pin was out I removed the safety. I then used a screw driver to gently push the spring down, thus bending it so that it would engage the cam surface and put greater tension on the safety.

    I then put the safety back in by using the punch as a drift pin to line up the holes. I got the pin started in the trigger group assembly, then tapped it in place and pushing the drift pin out at the same time.

    It works good and fixed the problem completely.

    Something I noticed in this process is that not all SKS trigger groups have the spring I had to adjust. The replacement group which had been installed in the rifle was completely lacking the spring. The safety in that group was held in position by friction only. This means that instead of the safety crisply snapping from safe to fire it graually moves from safe to fire and will stay in the middle position if that's as far as you take it.

    I'm considering taking it completely apart for a trigger job and making and installing a spring when I put it back together.

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    Thank you sir!
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