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Brownells Teflon moly oven cure problem

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  • Brownells Teflon moly oven cure problem

    I tried this last night. i follow prep. instructions . When i went to test spray it came out in a stream instead of a mist. i got the can to do a little better and continued. after baking the finish it apeared rough from the spay configuration. my ? is can this type of finish be lightly sanded?

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    I've never used the stuff, Brownells is supposed to be pretty good with phone (or eMail) queries. Have you tried them?
    Please post what you did and how it worked so we can have this bit of expertise in the tribe.


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      You can smooth out the finish using 0000 steel wool. For future projects buy either gunkote or norrels moly resin in the liquid form and use an airbrush to apply it.


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        You have to shake the piss out of this stuff before it will flow from the nozzle correctly. Had that happen myself during a test spray.

        You REALLY have to shake it well.
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          You also MUST keep the nozzles clean by inverting the can after each spray session and spraying just a little propellant to clear the nozzle. If the nozzle isn't REALLY clean it will spray like Rosie O'Donnall on X-Lax...yuck!!


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            Try warming the can up some too. (Warm water) Also, if the nozzle splatters, do NOT try to clean it with a pin, etc. Squirt some acetone thru it and then blow it out with air. Better yet, use an airbrush. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.
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              Re: Brownells Teflon moly oven cure problem

              Any of the mentioned finishes are very good, I have used them all. This problem with Brownell's is the can. As another person said, get an airbrush outfit and order the Brownell's Teflon/Moly in bulk liquid.

              The key to a good result is:
              1. Degrease the item with something such a s TCE solvent. Blow Dry
              2. Abrade the surface of the item to be painted. A "gentle" sandblast with fine media helps a lot.
              3. Cleanup with Soap and water and degrease again. Blow Dry. Now, only handle with clean gloves..... Keep your hands off!!!!
              4. Preheat the part to........ 150 F or so.
              5. Apply a light coat. Enough coverage for consistent color is about right. The light coat will provide for best adhesion and will avoid chipping. If you get the coat too thick any of them will chip.
              6. Bake per instructions. If you bake it 2X the recommended time you'll be fine. DO NOT VARY THE RECOMMENDED BAKE TEMPERATURE.