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Remington 10a Problem URGENT!!

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  • Remington 10a Problem URGENT!!

    Ok here is the deal. I am shooting a Remington 10a. I think it is an 870. The owner and I shoot all day and bing, front sight/sight ramp; flies off!

    Ok so he gives me the Rem 10a and I go to get it fixed.

    This is where my problems start.. Its not and 870, its a Model 10 and old.

    I have now misplaced the front sight ramp, and the barrel diameter is different then 870 and I have been told that the curvature is going to be hard to match.

    I dont know what to do, I have got to get this guys shotty fixed.

    where can I get this part, over the boarder to Canada, and have the repair done by end Christmas?

    one last thing. HOW DO I TAKE THIS THING DOWN!

    Thanks Cameron...