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Home Made AK- Quick Mag Release

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  • Home Made AK- Quick Mag Release

    I have been considering buying one of these, but never got around to doing it.
    So, I went into my gun room today, and found some material(metal) and broke out my Dremel & bench grinder, and drill press and went to work.

    Just wanted to let you see it, befor I applied camo paint to it.

    And it is quick/very quick to release your mag, without having to take your hand off the grip.

    During my time working on this, I figured a way to make the safty even quicker, but I will save that for a rainy day.


    L1A1 and 2mags,Norinco97 12Ga and a chest pouches, raffle tickets $10each are 3 tickets for $25,3 chances to win, click on for details.


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    -Bancrofts History.

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    Neat! Thanks for the info!

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