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AR-15 w/14.5" barrel question.

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  • AR-15 w/14.5" barrel question.

    I have a bushmaster 14.5" barrel on my M4. It has the AK-74 type flash hider on it. The hider is pinned and welded to make the barrel NFA compliant. Is it possible to remove AK fh and install mil spec compensator. And if so how. Or where should I send it. Thanks. B.

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    Yes its possible. You'll have to remove the pin (drill out if its blind pinned) then either cut the old break off and rethread/recrown barrel, silver solder the new break then repark the barrel. The new comp has to bring out the length to at least 16". If the comp you want to use wont bring the length out to 16" Ive done a few where I was able to get the old comp off without cutting the barrel but its more involved.

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      He does excellent work. He put a 14.5" barrel on mine and installed one of his longer A2 style flash hiders. He also has several MB's he can put on for you to bring it back to 16" overall. I'm about to send him my 16" barrel to shorten and rethread.