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WTK about shorting a barrel

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  • WTK about shorting a barrel

    Need to know a good way to cut a shotgun barrel square with a hacksaw. Or would I be better off using a pipe cutter??

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    Pipe cutter would get you closer to square providing it will cut it. I have no idea if it will. If you put the barrel in a barrel vise and rest the blade against the vise to use it as a guide that ought to get you pretty close providing that the vise is level. Or you can use the pipe cutter to score the barrel so you'll have an indication on whether the hacksaw blade wandered on you.

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      Somebody one referenced a plumbing tool, the name of which I cannot remember. (I'm not sure it even exists.) It is a block that clamps to the tube and provides a hardened, perpendicular surface. You can rough cut with a hacksaw, then file down to the surface of the block for an even edge.


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        John, wrap masking tape around barrel, using the tape as a guide, cut it with the hacksaw, then use a file to remove saw marks, you can square the cut with the file as well. It can look like the job was completed on a lathe.



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          I`ve used a pipe cutter with good results,perfectly square.If you use the kind that has a swing out triangular blade you can debur and chamfer the muzzle quickly.