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Changing fore grip on an 870 pump???????????

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  • Changing fore grip on an 870 pump???????????

    I recently purchased a Remington 870 which came with a synthetic stock set installed. I'd like to switch back to the wooden stock set. The buttstock is no problem but I am at a loss as to how to remove the fore grip. Do I need a special tool. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    To remove the fore end you need to unscrew the round nut on the front end. It has 2 notches in it and requires a special tool.

    Best/safest method is to buy a fore end tool from Brownell's, Midway, or other source, but these are rather expensive for a one-time use. You might try a local gun shop to see if they have one and will change it for you.

    Some people will advise using a pair of needle-nose pliers, but if you slip you can damage the tube or nut.

    You can make a simple tool from a piece of steel about 1/8 inch thick, roughly square in shape. with two "prongs" that will engage the notches in the nut.
    To make this you cut a peice of steel that is about as wide as the outside of the nut, but will still fit inside the fore end. Cut a notch in one end to form the two "prongs", and file them to fit the notches in the nut.

    You grip it with a wrench, and use it to unscrew the nut.
    Hope this helps.

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