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Bedliner Stock Refinishing - The ONLY way to go

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  • Bedliner Stock Refinishing - The ONLY way to go

    Just refinished my Mak90 with Dupli-Color Bedliner in a rattle can. It turned out awesome! Much better than what I had ever hoped for. I also had a problem with a loose lower handguard, which the thickness of the liner remedied. IMHO this stuff is the only way to go. I'm gonna have a hard time NOT doing it to all of my guns. For those interested here are some pics.

    Many thanks go out to the people of this board that turned me on to the idea.

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    Does that stuff get sticky when out in the sun or interiorof vehicle??????


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      Po boy,
      The rifle hasn't really had that much time in direct sunlight. I've put a couple mags through her with no problems, but she didn't get all that warm, so I can't tell you at this point whether or not the liner is going to soften up. I plan on running a couple hundred rounds through her this weekend to see how the handguards fair against extreme heat, but I don't foresee any problems. I'll let you know how it goes.


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        Po Boy/Loadit---It does NOT soften in the sun. The longer it's on, the more durable. I've had mine done for awhile and am not a bit sorry. Just look at any truck that's had this's tough!

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          I've been thinking about doing this too, but have wondered about wood preparation. Did you have to sand the stock or use some sort of stripper to remove the exixting finish?


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            I didn't use any stripper, I reshaped the stock to my liking with a coarse file, and sanded the rest with 80 grit. One could probably get by with just scuffing the finish, but I had time to kill, so I sanded everything. Then I wiped all the pieces down with water, let'em dry, and started spraying. This stuff is a real cinch to use. I put the first coat on thick and smooth, let it set up, and used the remaining sprayed from about a 1' 1/2 to give a it a nice pebble-grain finish. Also, while the parts were drying I took the opportunity to touch up all the metal and blue the bolt carrier with perma-blue. IMO you can't get a sweeter looking finish, and the blue carrier
            puts it's over the top in the evil category.
            Hit me up if you have any other questions.


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              I used truck bed liner on my stock & hand guards a few months back, and it is great.

              No regreats here.


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