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  • Scout rifle done

    This is, hopefully, a pic of the M48 Yugo Mauser in the plastic "scout" stock. Mr. Cooper's version runs around 1500-1700 dollars. I think my friend has around $225 in it with the scope. It shoots 3/4-1" groups at 100yds with FN 8mm and a tad bigger with surplus Turk. We did the bolt conversion using one of FAC's bolt kits with the drill bit and tap. Don't waste your money. The drill bit is too soft to cut the hard steel and the tap broke off in the hole
    necessitating having a smith drill it out and remove the thing. It was finished off with Craftsman bits and tap. The barrel will probably be cut down to 22" and recrowned at a later date. Now I've got him into FALS.......
    incoming rounds have the right of way.

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    If your friend wasted a whole $225 on that thing, I'll feel sorry and offer $225.36 and take it off his hands just 'cause I'm a good guy.........

    I LIKE!!!!

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      Looks Great Lee7.62~!

      We may be a little slow down South But it is better than some of those Cranky Yankees up North on the Board >>> "Wink"

      I like it just fine down this way! You come back anytime.

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