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how to make your own kydex sheath/holster

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  • how to make your own kydex sheath/holster

    I made a knife sheath for this post but you can make a holster as well with the same instructions,I`m about to get one of the star bm supers and I`ll be making a holster for it this way,I`ll post the process when I`m done.....meanwhile check it out....

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    Thank you Bossman!

    Your advice and suggestions are always welcome here. Will you be doing a Holster soon? I think If you could do a "Step by Step" Proceedure here, it would be most helpfull.

    I am A big fan of the Kydex gear. While your at it you could do some mag Pouches in this do it your self series. This project will be most usefull for pistols and revolvers that are not "Mainstream"

    Please Advise,

    Good SHOOTin,

    Death Merchant

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      Yes I`ll be making a holster quite soon,I need to figger out all the details but I need a good concealment holster for my G-26,I`ll do a cool tutorial when I do,in the meantime here`s some pix of a sheath I made for MGJohn using the method described above.

      all the parts for a 4 way carry system.

      Boot clip style

      Necklace carry

      Side belt carry,exra holes for different angle of presentation.

      Horizontal small of the back carry mode.

      "Velcro" the three legged shop gecko thought it was cool.


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        Very nice Bossman

        Custom Combat Weaponry