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Stripper Clips Again

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  • Stripper Clips Again

    Noticed a couple of threads on stripper clips. I have a question, how does one get them to work easily? Back in my former years, they worked very well on M14's and M16's. I've tried using new ones on an SKS and an AK with a mag loading tool, and the rounds usually won't slide off the stripper clips, without "hammering" them down. I might get two or three in the mag then the rest bind up. A friend mentioned using a dry teflon powder on them. I think the problem is the coated steel cases. I noticed Wolf 45 ACP was more difficult to insert and remove from moon clips than commercial brass ammunition. Any ideas?

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    Believe it or not, I've found the angle of push has something to do with it.
    Hey, the things can cut you, and I have a tendacy to keep thumb away from them while pushing.
    If I make my self aware, and push steady near ammo base, it seems to work easier.
    Gloves would help, but in a situation where you need loading NOW, it would be detrimental to stop & don gloves.

    Anybody else?

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      Thanks TheMrMitch, I'll experiment some more. I want to get some brass, non coated rounds and see how they work.