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How difficult would this modification be?

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  • How difficult would this modification be?

    I would like to replace the charging handle on my SAR-2 with the charging handle from a Swiss K-31. It looks like it would be fairly simple and straight forward for someone with welding skills, but I could be overlooking something.


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    Sounds feasable to me,I`m just wondering if the plastic will hold up againt all the impacts of the bolt carrier cycling.Jive it a try and let us know how it comes out,pix would be nice as well.
    Good luck,


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      Thanks Bosman, I'll have to get a spare K-31 charging handle since I don't want to cut up my K-31. BTW, the K-31 uses an all metal handle much the same as the STG57. I believe the 1911's and earlier used the rubber pieces.

      Looks like I need to learn how to weld or find a 'smith who is willing to take a chance.

      Anyone else have any ideas?


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        Some guys have cut the handle off an SKS bolt carrier since they are inexpensive and welded them in a vertical position over the standard handla creating a faux Galil type look. Then just dress it down with a grinding wheel polish and finish or not.