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what is the best way to cut a synthetic shotgun stock ?

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  • what is the best way to cut a synthetic shotgun stock ?

    What should I use to take about 1/2" off my Mossberg 590A1 stock ?

    Fine blade hacksaw ?


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    If you can get access--a very good band saw would work just fine and allow you to control the cut straighter.

    Any others wanna chime in?

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      No unfortunately I do not have access to a bandsaw.

      I was thinking of using a fine hacksaw blade to almost 1/8" of the the line that I would have marked on the stock then sand the this last bit down to the line.

      Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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        A low-speed belt-sander might do the job, but it would need to be in a press and vice.

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          Have you given thought to using a mitre saw?


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            Thanks to all of you for the good suggestions. Going to attempt it today and will let you all know how it turned out.

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              I suggest that you scribe a line entirely aroundthe stock, and cut the line from all arouf toward the center (like using a tuding cutter) also make it a little longer, and allow room to sand down the excess to finish the cut edge.