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Parkerizing over Blueing?

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  • Parkerizing over Blueing?

    Silly, silly dumb question, I know....

    If you have a bunch of small, blued items that you would much rather have Parkerized, do you have to remove the blueing first or can you park them as they set? If you have to remove the blueing, is there an easy way to do it in bulk?
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    Bill if you are doing small parts that lead remover cloth that is out there will do a honey of a job of removing bluing. Just remove the bluing and be done with it. Takes a second with this cloth.


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      Amish Bill &gt;&gt;&gt;

      I would think you would have better results with removing the Blue finish first. I would also think the Parkerizing soultion would "Take" better to the bare metal.

      For a group of small items you could get some of the "Birchwood and Casey" Rust and blue remover. I would take the parts place them in a Large Zip-Loc type Bag and pour the solution in the Bag and alow them to get soaked by shaking the bag. Followed up by the clothe TNRonin mentioned.

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        For the best park results, the parts really need to be blasted first.

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          I just redid a 870 SG that I bought 20 years ago. I have a new gun now! I love it. The guy that taught me how to do it said that you NEED to blast it first. I would tend to agree. The areas we didn't blast took none of the parkerizing solution at all. Parking is real easy if you have the gear. I'm going to look into getting some stuff if my friend won't let me have access to his stuff. HTH.