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WTK:Semi-Thompson comp removal

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  • WTK:Semi-Thompson comp removal

    Does anybody know if the barrel of a late production(right before the Kahr buyout)West-Hurley semi-auto 1927a1 is threaded for the comp,or is it pressed on??I dont see a pin like on a fullauto tommy gun and cant tell if the muzzle is threaded.I need to remove the comp to put on a BFA for a re-enactment(no buzz guns for IL).

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    The comp threaded AND epoxied on. You'll have to heat it until the epoxy breaks down.
    If you remove the front sight there is a flat around the sight that will allow you to grab the comp with a brass-padded wrench. I heat the comp to break down the epoxy and use the wrench to unscrew the hot comp. You can also use a curved jaw locking wrench with brass padding in the jaws.
    Don't over heat.

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      Thanks Dave.Worked like a charm,with some extra help from some PB Blaster penetrating fluid.Yes,there was epoxy/threadlocker holding on the cutts and the barrel is threaded.BFA installed and now many blanks to make(read that cut down .308 cases).