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disconnector holding hammer back

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  • disconnector holding hammer back

    I've had a little problem recently crop up. Several times, while firing my Maadi with FSE fcg, the trigger has remained in the rearmost position, with a live round in the chamber. Upon removing the receiver cover, I can see that the disconnector is still holding the hammer back. My disc. had a little play along the trigger pin and it looked like the right side of the disc. was pushed against the end of the hammer spring where it hooks over the trigger "arm". I made a shim from a small brass washer to take up the play, but I haven't test fired this "fix" yet. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Gary.

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    Two possible cures???
    Fine tune the disconnector (file-reshape-remove burrs-etc).

    Replace disconnector as it may be damaged or worn.

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