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AR15 collapsable buttstocks.

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  • AR15 collapsable buttstocks.

    Is it possible to modify a 2 position buttstock into one that has 3 or 4 positions?

    If not, does the whole thing need to be replaced or can you just get a new buffer tube? Where would be the best place to find a buffer tube?

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    You can drill the holes if you have adrill press. The only issue is you would need a bit without a pointed end (milling bit of some type I assume). The tubes are the same only with more or less holes. A complete cheapy stock runs $40, a tube alone is about $20 or so. The CAR style buffer tube is not usually sold seperately but thewy are out there. Ask CMMG if he has one. Hell, he may have a used one you could snag up.

    I would bet you would pay $20 for the proper bit. Not sure if you could modify a bit without breaking it.

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      just drill the thing 3/4 of the way with a std. twist drill bit. then grind the bit flat on a grinding wheel. put a slight relief angle (also called "ti[-off"...5 is plenty) behind the cutting edges and yer good to go. finish the hole with that. a 15 minute "instant 4-pos" stock.