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  • Antique Shotgun stock

    Hey all, I am thinking of refinishing a stock on an old Stevens shotgun and would like some input. I have no idea what the correct finish is for this, or what kinda wood it has. This is just an old pump shotgun, nothing fancy, it's a shooter. I just wanna refinish it as it's starting to wear in areas. Also probably going to redo the metal somehow.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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    I have refinished most of my gunstocks.
    Here's how i do it:
    1. take the stocks off the gun
    2. use a paint & varnish remover to get to bare wood...follow the directions on the can.
    3. lightly sand with320 grit sandpaper
    4. if it is nice looking wood, apply a heavy coat of BirchwoodCasey Trueoil gunstock finish and let it cure for a few days, then steel wool it smooth (really brings out the color and grain)(omit this step if it looks like a piece of fence post)
    5. fashion a hanger out of a coat hanger and several LIGHT coats of urethane varnish...I like Behr and Red Devil

    done properly...looks as good as factory finish...and takes a lot of abuse!