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need advice on AK build

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  • need advice on AK build

    Well I`m thinking of building one instead of just buying a SAR1 to modify,what I want to end up with is as close to an AKM as possible so I want to go with a stamped reciever and kit.I believe I will be using the ohio ordnance reciever,they seem to be quite available at this time and I dont recall hearing anything negative about them.I would want to make the build as simple as possible but there are a few things I`m confused about.
    I know the milled kits have barrels that are threaded and screw into the reciever,and that the stamped kits have to have the barrel pressed in,but scanning through shotgun news I found two different kits that seem to be from stamped rifles.One is Romanian and is sold by interordnance,it is definately stamped.The other is sold by clearview investments and centerfire systems(the kit seems to be the same,both ads use the same picture and the price is the same)The barrel in these kits is pictured as having the front trunion pre-installed if that is the case could I just rivet or screw the trunion/barrel into the reciever and not have to worry about pressing the barrel?I guess thats already been done presumably headspaced as well(yes I will check for safety`s sake).If so this seems to be the way I would like to go with this project.
    One thing strikes me as peculiar though,the kits from clearview and centerfire seem to be stamped kits but they have a thumbhole stock thats clearly made for a milled reciever(whats that all about)maybe they just threw a milled stock in to make a complete kit??
    Milled AK`s dont have a front trunion do they?I thought that the trunion was integral or part of the reciever?
    Anyhoo,I need advice on this guys,any help will be deeply appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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    I would stay away from interordnance. I have heard of people getting bad kits from them. I haven't dealt with them, just passing on what I have heard.

    The kit from clearview is an SLR-96 kit, which was for a milled receiver. The bulgarian milled kits from KVAR, clearview, and centerfire use pressed in barrels. The old Hungarian kits have threaded barrels. The thing on the pic for clearview I believe is the rear sight block.

    You are correct, milled receiver don't have separate trunnions, they are built into the receiver.

    You can use a milled kit on a stamped receiver, if you buy a trunnion (available at KVAR), a stamped buttstock, and stamped handguards.

    The only bad thing about Ohio Ordnance receivers is they aren't properly heat treated. Check out AK-47.Net for more info on this, search in the Gordon Technologies forum.

    Good luck!


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      I bought a milled kit from Centerfire and it has no threads on the barrel. The kit also has no trunnion so it can be used on a stamped receiver if you purchase a trunnion seperately or a milled receiver which has a "trunnion" as an intergral part.

      The parts are absolutely new and unfired. I got a kit mainly for spare parts and do not intend to build another one.


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        I brazed the front trunnion to the reciever on the one I built, so I didn't have to remove the barrel from the trunnion.

        I also pop riveted the trigger guard in place.

        I built it in about 1 hour (not including the time I spent fabricating the trigger guard and mag release)

        I works fine, and I've shot it quite a bit without any problems or signs of the weld cracking.