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    Who here uses them? I have only used them in my Colt 1991A1 .45 that I use to compete in USPSA Limited 10 competition with.

    I have only used the Wilson brand of Buffers. I have been very please with them and I usauly replace them after shooting 1000 rounds.

    I have read posts on other boards that People use two of them? Any thoughts on this? What would be the advantages of doing this??

    What about in other weapons? Anyone else have any suggestions or opinions?

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    Hi Bud! Got some for the AK's from Blackjack1 on page 3 of the For Sale section. They work VERY well! Especially for the Wife and Daughter. Anything that saves the wear and tear on expensive weapons is a plus.


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      I have them in a 1911, AK and FAL. I just wish the FAL would stay running long enough to know if it helped or not...
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        DOn't know from personal experiance,, but I did recently read that Kimbers will often fail to cycle properly when a buffer is installed.


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          Well, I stumbled onto this just kind of looking around, and it poses a good question.
          I'd like to know if you guys think the shock buffs in an AR or L1A1 help or not.
          I use them in my 1911 style pistol, and I've tried them in my Ruger 10/22.
          I thought the accuracy suffered in the 10/22 and took it out.
          Your opinions would be aprreciated.


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            I've tried shock buffs, Wilson brand I believe in three 1911 pistols. All three were made by Colt, and what I didn't like was that the cycling action was shortened, causing the ejected cases to bounce off my head and hat, so I removed them. Figured if Mr. Browning thought they were necessary, he'd already have invented and installed them.
            On the other hand on my L1A1, I notice a reduction in the "sharpness" of the cycling of the bolt, and the shock buff is a perminent part of the action.


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              Used them in both AK's and SKS's.Worked fine in the SKS's but caused malfs in the AK's,Buffer Tech brand.
              Going to check out the Blackjacks.


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                I've used recoil buffers in SKS, AK clones, 1911 type pistols, and my Hungarian .45 Auto (Hi-Power on steroids). All with good results. It makes the AKs almost sound like an AR when firing, without the Sproingg! sound from the recoil buffer spring.

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                  Only in a Kimber, and it functions flawlessly. Would like to try it in a 10/22.


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                    I used them in a 10/22 and a cheapo Century arms Commodore .45. They take some of the bite out of the recoil and I think improved reliability on the .45.

                    I have one on the way to T&E in my AKs. In theory at least, a 5.45 AK with shock buff and muzzle brake will be virtually recoiless, but I will not know for sure for a couple weeks.

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