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  • Site replacement

    A buddy of mine just got some tritium sites for his P220. Since he knew I have a couple he asked how to swap the site out. I just couldn't tell him. I've never done it-ever.

    So what's the proceedure? Do ya just whack them out and whack the new ones in? Is there an adhesive for the rear site or is it just friction that holds it in?

    Another reason i'm asking is the rear site on my P226 is showing some play in it now. Not much but i've had to push it back in place a couple of times.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The force required to install the night sight by banging them can break the vials so I wouldn't recommend doing it without the proper tools. Might be a job for a smith. I took my Glock to one to have them installed. You maybe able to buy the tool but they are usually quite expensive. I believe the Glock tool is well over $75+. Not cost effective unless you have lot's of them to change.


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      Thanks for the heads up. I guess we'll just have to pay the smith a visit.


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        The sight tool has a habit of scratching the finish. What I do is use a hard pvc punch available from brownells. I grind it down so I can direct the force of the hammer strike to the base of the site. Never hit above the base,they break quite easily. A brass punch will also work but then you have to remove the brass marks. If the rear sight is still loose you can remove the new site and peen the dovetail a little so itll be a tighter fit.


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          Sig sight's are removed from right to left and installed left to right. Use a sight pusher as the dovetail is tapered. If removed the wrong way the dovetail is messed up and the sight's will be loose [not good].

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            That sounds doable guys. Thanks.