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    I built a G3 on a FAC aluminum receiver. First time firing I found that I had "the ejector problem". So I went about welding up the ejector. I used a nickel silver brazing rod and built up the ejector part of the ejector. 20 rounds latter I realize silver isn't tough enough for a ejector. So I start over and use a nickel steal rod. After 30 rounds I have a failure to eject and find that the ejector has bent. Yep, lost the temper of the steal. Two mistakes that I should have realized before I made them. Third time is a charm and I am ready to try again. I am going to start with a fresh ejector and this time work on the back of the ejector. Any body out there have any experiences or tips they would like to share so I can get it right this time?

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    Shim up the front of the trigger pack so it rides higher in the receiver.


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      I had to do exactly the same thing you did months ago.

      My Century was having ejection problems. It was a very accurate and durable rifle with a new FMP barrel on it but it was essentially a single-shot rifle.

      I used a Mig welder. It runs cooler and you can hit it multiple times to keep it even cooler. You don't want to effect the temper of the steel.

      Mine has ran over 1000 rounds since the fix and hasn't bent or cracked.

      Make sure the back of the ejector follows the rounded contour of the original steel so the bolt will continue to slide over it smoothly.

      I first posted this fix over on over a year ago.

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