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  • Rusty bore

    What is the best cleaner for an old barrel that has not been cleaned in years? It is fouled and rusty inside, I've tried brake clean, etc. Anyone ever try naval jelly?

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    I personally have never used this(though I keep a tube in my cleaning gear), but it has been mentioned in the Mosins/Mausers forum before that a simple tube of crest toothpaste can help a rusty bore. Run a few patches of it down there, then regular water to clean, then hoppes or whatever your favvorite cleaner is to clear the water


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      stainless - tried to find your e-mail on your profile to send you a note but it wasn't there. Try Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner. It's a non-toxic, biodegradable gel and my company makes it. It will get out the rust along with any copper and lead buildup as well as any oil, grease, moly, etc. I'm not replying to try to "sell" you some, but just to help you out, so if you'll e-mail me and I'll send you a free sample. KG


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        I have used Naval Jelly on a rusty old nickel-plated H&R revolver. It certainly removes rust, as well as the light patina I like on an old polished steel surface like the rear of the cylinder. Blueing is history.

        I think its too much like dipping in acid; I would be very afraid of taking metal too.


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          JB Bore compound from Brownell's will bring back a bore pretty well. If it's too rusted/pitted you might want to try firelapping it.
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