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Its SHOWTIME! Great workshop...

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  • Its SHOWTIME! Great workshop...

    Just saw the movie showtime! Now us foreigners know what a gunshow is like!

    And the bad dude's Howitzer, recoils like a 9mm, is allegedly a 12g solid brass case, and blows softball-sized holes through armoured cars... yeah right.

    But the workshop where they were made had all the cool gear. Had about 4 times what most of us dream of. Looked too crowded to work in, but what was in there? My guesses:

    Vertical mill, maybe Cincinatti.
    Lathe - guess its big enough for barrel work.
    CAD model on hard copy on the bench.
    Seemed like loads of gear but only glimpsed. What else was there?

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    that rifle used in that movie is a saiga conversion