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FAL barrel rework

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    The crown looks good. You cant have the flashider and be compliant with 922 assuming you have a pistol grip and a high capacity detachable mag. You can thread it and permamently install a muzzle break. Tapco sells what looks like the flash hider but isnt considered one if you want to keep it looking right. Also someone on here has a flashider sleeving service.

    You can silver solder the new break but you must use 1100 degree solder so its permament if you are threading the barrel. Brownells has a silver solder paste that has the flux already in it. It works nice, put some on the threads, attach the break then heat to a dull red. Easy and no mess.

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    FAL barrel rework

    Cut 21" barrel down to 17" and used a countersink bit on a drill press to make a 45 degree cut. Hows it look?

    Whats the legalities of welding/threading the flashider on the end? With all the laws on the books hard to stay on top of.

    Going to order the Imbel rcvr. DSA is nice though pricey, GunPlumber of ARS has some nice FAL's in his inventory for sale. A bit cheaper then DSA.

    Let me know...thanks

    Forgot to add pics link.

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