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Recommend: which Books, Videos, resources to get?

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  • Recommend: which Books, Videos, resources to get?

    Hey guys,

    I appreciate you all answering my questions on my last post. Someone brought up the idea of getting books and videos. Which are the ones that you would all recommend? maybe the top two or three of each?


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    Well CTR I've got 8 years on you and maybe some formal education, (I'm an electro-mechanical engineer) but I'm currently on much the same road as you are looking at.

    For me it's kind of case of two things, I am already in the procees of putting together a business plan for a firearms related business, and I have long worked on my guns and a few of my friends. Well more and more "friends" are started to come to me for help, advice, or repairs.

    Here is my nickles worth. I need to make a living. I already did the dedicated student thing,a nd now I need to make a living. Next, as I have wanted/needed to learn more about spacific firearms, I have purchased the AGI Videos for the particular firearm of the moment. I found, and continue to find them to be well made and very informative.

    As it happens, I will be getting a check for agreeing to stay to the bitter end of the closing of this plant. I am currently considering using some of that to do AGI's full gunsmithing video course. I belive it to possible be the best choice for learning all the basics, while maintaining your ability to go out and earn a living working full time. What's more to the point to me, is as the advertising says, you can always and forever go back and rewatch any part of any tape. That's a handy video referance library to have around.

    On a similer vain to some answers from your other thread. I would also STRONGLY suggest that you do something to learn the basics of machineing, soldering, and welding, along with basic metalergy. I don't know if they are as good as their gun video's but AGI also does a Mill Course and a Lath Course. They are 350 each. Probably a good value to someone with little to no experiance running these machines. I would still suggest finding someone who has spent many years doing nothing but running machine tools, and talk them into letting you apprentice with them part time after your regular job or on weekends. The things these old timers can teach you you will never get from a book or formal class and they are worth their weight in gold.

    Good Luck! Let us know how things proceed.


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      I fopund many of the available gunsmithing videos to be sorely lacking in practical versus theoretical information. I therefore did the capitalist thing and made better ones. I offer

      12 hour HK weapon systems $40
      6 hour FN FAL video and wkbk $45
      2 hour Sig handgun $20
      160 minute Browning High Power $25

      all prices include shipping, cash check, money order, credit card, paypal, dancing girls accept4d.

      T. Mark "gunplumber" Graham
      Arizona Response Systems
      Products and Services for the Armed Professional
      Phoenix, AZ 623-873-1410


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        First get a copy of the Brownell's catalog. Then order all three versions of 'Gunsmith Kinks' they publish. They are a wealth of useful info and short cuts REAL gunsmiths have come up with over the years!

        The catalog also has EVERY gunsmith book currently being published.


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          Definitly sage advise!!! I had the original Kinks, a friend had found at a yard sale years ago and gave me as a b-day gift, however, when I started tinkering again and I ordered a new brownells cataloge back a few months ago I also recieved a coupon to get the complete set of 4 kinks books for I believe it was $66. Absolutly a great deal, and the knowledge contained in these books is fabulous.

          Another one I would recommend, is "The Modern Gunsmith"
          The title is abit misleading as the first copywrite date is 1934 and the last revision date is 1954. However, I find it just is excelent a referance as the kinks books, just in a differant vain. Buying the actual books, (there are two volumes) can be pricey. However I ahve seen it on E-bay for sale and can sometimes be had very resonably. There is also often a CD version that can be had cheap. This is a great pair of books as the author wrote these books for the purpose of teaching the home gunsmith the basics in volume one, and some slightly more advanced work in the second.