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    Any one had a hand at painting camo paterns on stocks and such? I have a few spare stocks laying around that I would like to try this on. Does anyone have any ideas or tips? A basic woodland would be fine with me. Thanks, Sx

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    As you can see on my website, I get some pretty outstanding camo patterns. I found the sequence is important. Using green, brown, tan and black for woodland, I first coat in green, then bands of tan about the same width as the green going diagnal in one direction. Then brown around the edges of the tan, which will also mist the tan to a darker shade. Then green again going an opposite diagnal and crossing over the tan and brown. Then very small "y" shaped black.

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      Thanks! I had an air rifle with a crappy stock that I tested it on. Used ultra flat spray paint and a template that I cut a narrow slot in. Started with OD, followed with tan and dark brown. Then 2 coats of spray lacquer and a steel wool rub down to crack the shine. Looks sweet. Somethings I learned was a) hold the template about 2" away or the lines would comeout too defined and hang the rifle up where you have plenty of room to work around it. Maybe I can post some pics later. Thanks again! (Mine don't look near as sweet as yours!)