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Gentlemen HELP! ...AR15 stock question...

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  • Gentlemen HELP! ...AR15 stock question...

    I am trying to remove the stock in a factory stock Bushmaster lower so I can replace with one of the new 'tactical' shorter stocks .

    The problem is Bushmaster has got the screw in the buttend so $%%^& tight in there that the screw slot is stripping away!!!

    I tried using Kroil etc to 'loosen' the screw but to no avail...I guess I have to drill the darn screw out but before I do that I was hoping that some one has any last minute ideas to try and unscrew it out??!!

    thanks folks.....

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    Just use the biggest, meanest flat blade screwdriver you can get your hands on.

    If you have a set of broken bolt extractors (easy-outs) you might be able to enlarge the drain hole in the center of the screw and extract it that way. (instead of drilling it out and ruining the reciever extension tube)
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      There is a tool that you can put a socket on and then put a screw driver tip in and you hit it with a hammer,I think it's called an impact driver.I was trying to remove the sight screw on Remington and a regular screw driver kept slipping out but this got it out with no problem.I know Sears sells them but they are around $35-40.


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        They are held in there with a touch of blue lock tight.Just use a screw driver with the right size head.Clamp some vise grips onto the screw driver to act as a breaker bar,and put some effort into it.It will come off with out the need of the drill.

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          Taku &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;

          You might want to consider heating up the Screw driver and placing the tip in the screw slot. This may help loosen the screw especially if there is any Loc-tight that is on the threads.

          You can gently tap the screw driver whit it is heated and it should help break the screw loose.

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            Make sure your screwdriver blade is right. The large flat surfaces should be hollow ground (curve inwards towards middle of blade) leaving the tip a bit wider. This way, it makes contact only at the bottom of the screw slot and shouldn't ride up and bugger up your screw. You can do this on a grinding wheel, be careful not to let the wheel grab the tip and throw the screwdriver back at you, and watch the heat - keep a cup of water close by and quench often. They will come out by hand like everyone else says.