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  • Bill Holmes Inquiry

    Does anyone have any background info on this gentlemen?.I am considering purchasing some of his books and wonder if anyone has an
    opinion on them good info or crapola.Also P.A Luty's book is tempting,are
    these books worth getting for informational purposes only or are they
    a waste.And if anybody here could recommend some good books on the subject of home made firearms and noize suppressor's it would be appreciated.

    Also looking for info on general gunsmithing,hopefully someone here with knowledge in these subjects can point me in the right direction. THX

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    Bill Holmes was a pioneer in the field of home workship guns back when few people really cared about it.

    He had done some work for the CIA in developing weapon manufacturing techniques for insurgent groups, but they usually proved more cumbersome than simple smuggling.

    I hear he got busted for something at some point. I don't know what it was, but I am guessing it was some sort of NFA violation.
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      His books are all very good. If you have access to a machine shop and/or have any metal working skills they make a very good read. His ATF problems apparently stemmed from a "deal" he was doing for them that went sour. He wrote a good book about that whole affair also. Bottom line - all of the mention books are great reference material. He's getting up in years but was apparently a serious designer in his earlier years. Check Paladin Books for his stuff and the Luty book as well. Also one by Matriel(sp?)


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        Holmes was the real deal. He tends to make things a bit more complicated and "nice" than need be, blueing is sort of silly on such guns. His silencer book was downright childish. The How To Make a Silencer series (.22.45, Mini-14) from Paladin Press are excellent.) They are the real deal. The other books on the subject are kidstuff-throwaways.


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          Holmes' books are fine, but don't expect them to walk you through every little detail - you'd be best off going into such a project with a fair understanding of the situation to begin with.