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sig 226 all steel extraction probs

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  • sig 226 all steel extraction probs

    Sig P226 all stainless steel is not extracting.
    I figured the first thing to do was replace the extractor. $61 bucks from sig sauer

    I believe that this particular pin drives out from right to left instead of the usual from left to right.
    I have the roll pin and spring but they backordered the extractor.

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    Re: sig 226 all steel extraction probs

    Are you certain the extractor spring now in your pistol is in good shape? Sixty bucks is robbery for just an extractor, isn't it? It usually never hurts to have a spare extractor, in this case it hurts quite a bit.
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      Re: sig 226 all steel extraction probs

      Gun Parts USA has them for about $30. It's not Stainless but it's almost invisible in the slide anyway..?

      I would check a few things before spending $60 on a "maybe". Check if the extractor hook is seriously packed full of crud. Check how easy a fired shell comes out of the chamber. Check if debris has gotten packed into the slot by the chamber where the extractor "rests". Check if a lot of debris has gotten packed up under the extractor body. Check if the extractor is damaged. Some of those "checks will require removing the breech block from the slide. Keep yer powder dry, Mac
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