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    I have a Rom SAR-1 how big of a difference will it make polishing the fire control group and i read up on how i could fix the trigger slap, but do these things usually work or am I better off to just go buy a G2 or what?

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    Re: FCG &trigslap

    Just saw your post. Have you shot the rifle yet? You may not need to do anything to it.
    I didn't polish anything on the two Romanians we have but I did have to deal with trigger slap. A G2 in one and a home fix on the other trigger group and both are fine.
    The G2 has a long, smooth single stage pull, the re-worked Century trigger group has a good two stage pull. If you have to fix a slap and you want to stick with the two stage pull then try the fix, you can always get the G2 if you mess up.