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custom SKS rear sight

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  • custom SKS rear sight

    here's the problem I had...
    here's what I did about it...
    First I fashioned a rear sight out of wood,cardboard,electrical tape,and a williams peep sight...

    Then I test fired to make sure I was "close" at 25 yards(to establish hieght)
    then I started the fabrication...1-1/4" pipe, 1" square stock...

    then I traced my design onto the rough stock and cut it out...

    after a little grinding and rough fitting it is slowly coming along...

    I will keep adding pics as I go.

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    Re: custom SKS rear sight

    Cool ! I like that.

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      Re: custom SKS rear sight

      So far it looks like it will look like a factory part, has that heavy duty appearance.


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        Re: custom SKS rear sight

        Yeh I'm sort of going for that WWII Battle rifle look. I was going to just weld an AR A2 sight on...but it would have looked small on the rifle.
        I still have to weld the sight to the reciever cover...but I have started finish sanding around the front sight base, my duracoat will be here this week. I am doing the whole gun in HK black. here's what it looks like so far...

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