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Rem 870 2 shot magazine tube extension

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  • Rem 870 2 shot magazine tube extension

    I am going to order a 2 round magazine extension for my Remington 870 12ga here is a link to the one that Wilson combat custumer rep suggested it looks kinda short in the pic to me what do you thnk? Has anyone ordered one from Wilson Combat before?

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    I don't know WHAT they're doing here.
    They now list "Tactical Magazine Extension Tubes"
    and "Quick Detach Extension Tubes" but most of the pictures show ONE shot extensions.

    Apparently, the Quick detach tubes have quick detach sling attachments.

    The tube you show is a ONE SHOT tube, but the description says two shot.

    I assume someone got lazy when they put up the pictures.


    Most people think that Wilson's tube is so strong it doesn't need a clamp since it doesn't come with one.

    The extension could be a solid steel bar.
    The problem is, the extension is screwed onto the GUN'S thin magazine tube, which is further weakened by the deep, square threads.

    A good bump and the extension WILL blow off, damaging the gun's original mag tube.
    It doesn't take an extremely hard bump either.

    This requires an expensive trip back to Remington to have a new tube installed.

    Of the available clamps, the best for non-Remington factory magazine extensions, is the Uncle Mike's version which is an almost exact copy of the Remington factory version.


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      I've always bought mine from Choate. Never had any problems, but you WILL need the clamp!
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        I installed one of Wilson Combat's two shell extensions on my old Wingmaster. I agree that the pictures on their website are misleading. My two shot extension is about 5 inches long.
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