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  • Just Bought new shtgun

    Just bought a Remington 870 police magnum this is my first Remington I own Mossberg 500 Winchester 1300 and Savage Arms model 67 this is best shotgun I every own

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    You will probably love this gun. IMO one of the best ever. Did yours come with magazine extension? Synthetic furniture? Just curious!
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      It Came with synhetic Furniture


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        If you got a Police model, you need to remove the cosmoline before using it too much.

        Per Remington: Remington sprays all Police guns, inside and out, with a coat of hot cosmoline as a shipping and storage rust preventer.

        This coating must be removed, since it only protects in storage, NOT in use.

        Remington recommends disassembling the gun per the owner's manual, INCLUDING the magazine assembly.

        Spray the gun dripping wet, inside and out, with Rem-Oil or CLP Breakfree.
        Let soak for 30 minutes, then wipe off and reassemble.

        The spray will dissolve and flush off the cosmoline, and the lube will "soak" into the rough parkerized finish and will prevent rust.

        As you use the gun, occasionally reapply the lube.

        I use CLP Breakfree, and this really works well.