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Pistol grip on 1100/1187. Need help.

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  • Pistol grip on 1100/1187. Need help.

    Wanted a Benelli but can't have the extended tube on a post ban. Looking for an Alternative. Is it OK to put a pistol grip stock on an 1187 or 1100? Can anyone suggest one? I do not like the one that they are putting on the 870s. It is too thin. Does anyone make a wood pistol grip stock for the 1187 or 1100? Thanks

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    I have a Choate stock from my 1100, worked ok - prefer non PG for general use but will put back on for next shotgun class.

    Which stock are you talking about for 870 that is too thin?

    I haven't seen any one advertizing pistol grip stock for 1100 but if you do wood work it wouldn't
    be too hard to graft on onto a spare just be sure to use a compresson bolt on the joint, unless you wanted to start from a blank and find with with a fork for the pistol grip.

    here are some links for you

    is this what your looking for?
    [img] Http:// [/img]

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      I like the Speed Feed models. My 11/87 has the Tact 111 model with the shell carriers on each side of the stock. Choate makes some that are pretty well designed and are tough as nails.
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