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Advanced Technologies folding shotgun stock?

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  • Advanced Technologies folding shotgun stock?

    howdy, I was hoping to get some critiques of this stock. I was thinking of mounting one on a Mossberg 500. Also, if anyone has info on any other brands of folding stocks I would appreciate it. Thanks

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    I have a top folder on my 870, it comes with "adapters" to fit Win., Moss., and Rem.

    If you're using the stock for looks and "the cool factor", then it's great for that purpose but for any real use look for something else. If you're looking for a top folder the only good option is the original which came with the 870 police models. There is the 'copstock' but its a wire stock and to me looks funky.

    Downsides: The whole assembly is made of plastic. The p-grip ergonomics is horrible, too small, you could probably use your thumb to pull the trigger. Since the whole thing is made of plastic the stock has a tendency to twist/flex under recoil seriously throwing off accuracy.

    Upsides: It looks cool with the 5rd carrier attached to the underside of the stock.


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      thanks for info guys