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saiga- any good?

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  • saiga- any good?

    I was considering a saiga for a home defense weapon, does anybody own one or is familiar with one, because I found a couple on the net for right around $300-$400. Is that a good price, or a waste of time?

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    Excellent shotgun and very versatile and reliable. Mags pricey currently. The importation is nixed until Russian Armory gets some into the country.


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      I kept meaning to post the link to the Saiga board, but I kept forgetting. Here it is.


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        garandmonkey-saiga is a good shotgun all a round;
        they dont kick that bad, there fast, you just cant store rounds in themags for long periods of time. some rounds get out of round; the way around this problem is : the last round you put in the mag a(slug) You can all so make the shotgun
        in the AK configuration.


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          Here's a pic of a Tromix SBS Saiga, 12" barrel.

          Tony Rumore
          Tromix Corp


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            Saigas are great! I converted mine to pistol grip / folding stock. Since most of my other weapons are AK based, they all share the same controls, immediate action for malfs ect. One set of motor skills can be applied to a full range of weapons