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Spare parts kit for an 870 for SHTF

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  • Spare parts kit for an 870 for SHTF

    What high breakage/easily lost spare parts would you get for a SHTF (**** hit the fan) 870 shotgun?

    This gun would be used for hunting in a shtf scenario and last ditch self defense.

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    Not much. 870's just don't break, which is why about 95% of all American Law Enforcement uses it.

    A friend of mine was an armorer for a large police department.
    He used to joke that his 870 spare parts inventory would "fit into a shoe box, with enough room left for a burger and fries".

    If you insist:
    A spare extractor, spring and plunger.

    A spare magazine spring. (Buy the more powerful Police model spring if you're using the standard 4 shot magazine).

    A spare firing pin and spring.

    If you can find one cheap on Ebay, just buy a spare complete trigger group, "just in case".

    Again, 870's PARTICULARLY the Police model just don't break very often.


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      i would also throw in a left and right shell stop
      i've seen a few go bad just from long use and some trigger housing pins because i've seen them slowly work out of the reciever before.


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        Midway USA is the way to go in ordering spare parts.


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          You'll probably be either out of ammo or dead before you either break or wear out any parts on a 870. The number one broken part that I have seen is the wooden buttstock.
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            Just buy a second 870. The chances of 2 of them breaking is very slim.