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Best bang for the buck SHTF 12 ga shotgun

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  • Best bang for the buck SHTF 12 ga shotgun

    What would you all think is the best bang for the buck, 12 ga SHTF shotgun for purposes of hunting.

    Think in terms of :

    Reliability (goes bang everytime)
    Durability (can take a beating)
    parts availability
    barrel and choke availability

    I was thinking of a:

    For the proven reliability, synthetic stock, and ability to digest from 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 inch shells.

    What do you all think?

    I think 12ga would be best since its the most numerous caliber.

    Ps, I dont need a deer barrel, I already have an H & R 12 ga single shot for that.

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    Mossy 500....under 200 usd @wally world


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      Mossberg 500, without a doubt. I got the persuader version at a gun show about 5+ years w/ pistol grip and heat sheild. 5 years later you can still pick it up for the same price (225 +xfer) at most shows new in the box.

      Reliability is 100%, and it's a sturdy weapon. It's the SAR of shotguns but with a nicer finish


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        I like the Rem 870 but, it's not the best bang for the buck that would have to be a Mossberg 500. Just a little over $200 you can't beat it!


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          mossy 500


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            If the price is the same, I'll go with the 870.

            But under normal circumstances, you can trick the Mossberg halfway out for the price you'd pay for the base 870.

            And the Mossy works just fine. I've been fond of their shotguns for a long time. It was the first firearm I ever owned. ('65), and I've still got it, and it still works just like it always did.

            Good stuff.

            The only reason I say that "if the price is equal go with the 870" is because of resale value. Buy the 870 if it's that cheap, resell it at a profit, and get the Mossy and half your accessories with the money.

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              I picked up a not too used Police 870 Wingmaster for $150. The only marks on it were from the brackets that held the stock, and those are very slight.


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                Two advantages the Mossberg has over the 870 are the location of the manual safety, and the design of the shell lifter which allows easier, faster reloads. I sure wouldn't trade an 870 for a Mossberg, but for the $$, the 500 is the best going.
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                  Originally posted by paintballmagnet:
                  advantages over the 870 are the location of the manual safety,
                  Especially for lefties. I hate those little buttons on the trigger guard, they are on the wrong side.


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                    For the price, Mossberg 500. It keeps going, and going, and going...


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                      Rem 870
                      Benelli M3 super 90
                      Mossberg 500
                      I forgot to ad, if you can still find a Valtro 12G, it is a pump action and 7 round detachable magazine fed. Hard to find magazines anymore, but a good weapon to have.

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                        and don't forget to stop by your friendly neighborhood pawn shop. Not long ago, I found a minty 12 GA 3" mag Winchester 'Black Shadow Deer' shotgun. 22 inch barrel, WinChoke, rifle sights, synthetic furniture. Price? A ridiculous $165.
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                          I like the Mossy's for economy, plus it seems the Remmy's rust up easy. JMHO.


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                            Another vote for the 870......
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