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50ae m-1 carbine?

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  • 50ae m-1 carbine?

    anyone know who can make a 30 carbine into a 50 action express carbine, or maybee even 454 cassul?

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    I have heard of a few people doing them in .45 Winmag as a custom gun intended to follow up on Jeff Cooper's "Thumper" concept. The work required a special heat treated high grade steel barrel and of course modified bolt face. I don't think you can make it any larger caliber because of the size constraints on the diameter of barrel you can screw into the reciever.

    Most of that idea dropped off on the 1990s because of the lack of reliable high capacity magazines and the supply of surplus carbines drying up due to some Clinton era EO that forbidded re-importation of US military weapons that had been exported under any sort of lend/lease acts.
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      And what is this Thumper concept? I can see the point of a big cartridge that can put someone down combined with a larger magazine...but I would go for maybe .45ACP or .44 Magnum or something not quite as heavy and more affordable.


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        I built one in .502 Thunder Sabre awhile back. The customer said it was running good.

        The .502 TS is simply a 50AE case with a 7.62x39 size case head.

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          There was the LeMag conversion. It took the .45 WinMag pistol cartridge I believe it was.

          A freind back in Tenn has one and it ran great the last time we shot it. It has been close to a year since I've heard from him. I'll try to dig up some scoop on it and try to post it here.
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            3309 GRANGE HALL RD
            HOLLY, MI 48442
            Phone: (248) 634-1312

            I spoke to the owner about 8 months ago about a 50ae for a customer. Nice guy, spent about 40 minutes taking about guns.