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  • hi-point

    Just got new hi-point in 9 MM. I love this gun! I put a cheap red dot on her, went out back and beat the tar out of her! 200 rnds. later and not a single hiccup. I fired slow contoled groups at 50 yrds, then just went nuts firing as fast as I could pull the trigger. the barrel got hot but not to hot to hold fairly "OK" grouping. I also have a kel-tec 9MM, that has had problems with feeding and jams since day one. Good-bye kel-tec, hello Hi-point!!!

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    Some folks just love the Hi-Point 9MM. I had one a few years ago and had nothing but problems with it. I guess they are like anything else. Sometimes you get a POS and sometimes you get a good one.........


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      The newer ones are suppose to be fine. I've never seen anyone else (me included) that had one of the older ones that worked right. I'm interested in knowing when the change took place though.


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        My dad has one, but the sights kinda suck. I put about a hundred rounds through it last year to try and sight it in for him but to no avail. Any suggestions for him? Should he go for optics?