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  • shotgun bolt question

    hello all,
    I just got my first shotgun the other day. it's a remington 870 express. I really like it. while taking it apart for cleaning I was studying the bolt. it apears the fireing pin doesnt come all the way out to strike the shell like the bolt and fireing pin on my vepr k does. I only noticed this after firing about 130 shells through it so I know it works. i'm just trying to get an understanding of the inner workings of my new shotty. any thought would be appreciated.

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    Like many modern firing pins, the 870 uses an inertial firing pin.

    For safety, the firing pin is shorter than the tunnel in the bolt.

    In order to fire a round, the firing pin has to be struck hard enough to drive it forward with enough force to fire the primer.

    Also, unless the bolt's locking lug is in the right position, the firing pin is blocked from moving forward.

    With the bolt out of the gun, you have to manually put the locking lug in the locked position, or it will look like the firing pin can't move forward.

    Put the locking lug in the correct position, and the pin is free to move forward.


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      thanks for the reply. it does help