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  • Norinco shotguns

    I usually see a fair number of these at gun shows and sporting goods stores. These are the Chinese clones of the Remington 870, Ithaca 37, and Winchester 97 Trench shotguns.

    Some really like them, others have nothing good to say about the metallurgy, fit & finish, etc.

    Lately I've seen a lot of the Ithaca 37 copies on the racks. This is the version with the Parkerized finish, heat shield, sling swivels, and Ghost Ring sights. It has a 19 inch barrel, I think. Some folks I know bought these and love them, while others have had problems. For $150 I guess you take your chances.

    Anyone with any positive/negative feedback on these particular shotguns?

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    I bought a Norinco '97 Riot Gun several years ago when I was shooting Cowboy Action. The insides were kinda rough, but I had an action job done on it an it has functioned flawlessly ever since. A lot of CAS shooters went to them to save their original '97s.


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      Originally posted by LYCAN:
      Trench Gun, HEAVY and not as popular as alot of FFL's thought. But it is a true replica, warts & all. Heavy & loose, supposebly just like the original.
      Does it have a bayonet lug AND bayonet? No disconnect? Just wondering.


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        I just seen Norinco Remington 870 clone at the local gun shop today. Didn't shoot it but it looked and felt well made!


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          I have shot a factory 14" 870 clone. It felt and worked just like my Rem 870.

          I was impressed by the overall quality and "copymanship".

          The guy who bought it still has it and loves it to death. (first shotgun)

          BTW this is in Canada where barrel lenght is not an issue as long as it's factory.

          The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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            Originally posted by LYCAN:
            Yes, has Bayo & Lug. But No, it does have a disconnector as far as i know. From what i ave been told, the old 97's could be Bump fired? By just holding down the trigger & pumping away, as far as i know, the new ones WILL NOT do this.

            Wow those Medal of Honor game designers really got their stuff down--the barrel looks just like that in MoH:Frontline. And I kinda thought it was just something weird the art guys had done.
            No bayonet in the game though.


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              870 Clone. If they are so crappy, then why did several Police Departments buy a boatload of them?
              Lycan what depts. bought them ? Just curious.


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                I have one of the Trench copies and they do not have the disconnector so they will fire if you hold down trigger and pump.


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                  CDNN has the "hawk" which is the same for $119 IIRC. I'm gonna get me one to pimp out with a collapsible stock et al.


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                    Just bought one of the Hawk98 870 copies. Finish and fit are good for the most part - way better than the first models they imported. Still have to fire it after I finish some more modifications.
                    Home of the SHTF 50 .50 BMG AR upper conversion, SHF R50 .50 BMG rifle and KEG12 AOW shotguns.


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                      Took the 1187P out last w/e and put 250-300 rds through it. Buddy had a 870, he put about 100 rounds down range, he didn't want to go any further. I think I'm sticking with my 1187P!