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anyone here ever have problems with a winchester 1200 12 gauge?

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  • anyone here ever have problems with a winchester 1200 12 gauge?

    i got a winchester 1200 recently and when i went to take it hunting it just kept falling apart. The firing pin kept coming lose along with the slide asembly. Jeck i was shjooting it and it got jammed then while i was fiddling with it the whole darn things came sliding out.

    anyone got any advice as to what i can do with it and if i can fix it?

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    The Winchester 1200 had problems, but mostly in Police use.

    Here's a online 1200 manual:


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      Srry, Mine remains unfired. so, No, I have had no

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        But what differences are there, if any?
        My dad got one and I told him it wasn't such a great gun cause I had heard that (not the police part), he didn't like that news.


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          WE HAD 1200s for years getting dragged in and out of patrol cars.
          They were a good servicable gun and we had no problems endemic with them other then they just wore out from the continual abuse of inner ctiy police work. They would get dragged out and racked numerous times each week, then unloaded and thrown back into the racks to bounce around in the locks until needed again.

          I cna't say anything bad about them.

          finally replaced them with 870s.
          AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
          God carries a 1911.
          Just another day towards 20...


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            When I was a kid about 16 years old,back in 1968 I got a Model 1200 for Christmas. It always was hard to pump, not like the old man's Model 12. The slide handle was very long and if you didn't keep your hand in the middle of the handle your fingers would block the ejection of the empty shell.It handled like a 2X4. I wanted a pumpgun then cause I loved that old Model 12. When I was in the National Guard some years later we had Model 1200 riotguns. They too were hard pumping firearms.Some years later I sold my 1200, bought a used Model 12 and have had several Remington 870 and never, never looked back.


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              I've owned two Winchester Defenders over the years.
              The first one was a standard blued finish with wood stocks. Never had a problem with it and sold it when I was poor.
              I bought another Defender in matte black with synthetic stocks a couple of years ago for a camp defense gun.
              I later modified it for turkey hunting by having the barrel threaded for a choke and camouflaging it.
              It developed a problem with double-feeding shells.
              My dad recommended tweaking the rails inside the receiver, and it has been fine since.
              Here's a pic:


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                I had the 1300XTR model as my first pump.
                Lets see problems;
                The slide bar welds gave way twice,and Winchester dealers refused to fix them.
                The stock cracked within six months,
                Apart from that not much,until it was stolen in a burglary and recoverd 15 years later chopped down and used in a drive by.
                Always felt it was a hunting gun and not a gun I would bet my life on.Compared to the Mossberg 500 I replaced it with,the 1300 is a poor second best.


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                  Not to side track the thread but I had a 1400 that was a real turd.I had the vent rib break off and it was a total jam-o-matic.


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                    What gauge was your 1400?

                    I have one in 12 gauge and has been 100% reliable for 20 years.


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                      My 1400 was a 12 gauge.