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picatinney rail adapter for shotgun rib?

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  • picatinney rail adapter for shotgun rib?

    I have this old Remington 870 Express shotgun with a long ribbed tube. I have this notion to convert it into a "tactical" shotgun for home defense. (After all, this is enthuastically endorsed by clueless Joe!) I've had for years an extended magazine tube to fit it (Yes, I know I'll have to "de-dimple" the stock mag tube.). I started looking for a rifle sight deer slug smoothbore barrel, but it seems that they make them out of unobtainum these days. And with Remington's bankruptcy and subsequent break-up, who knows when these will become available again.

    As it happens, I have recently inherited a nice Winchester Model 12 12-gauge pump shotgun, so the Remington is really surplus to my needs. I am considering shortening the original tube, including the vent rib, down to 18-1/2" ot 20" or so, then figuring out how to mount sights to the vent rib. It occurred to me that a quick and easy solution would be to use a holo-sight of some sort, which would be a piece of cake if there was a picatinney rail that clamped on the remaining rib.

    By the way, my 870 has an aluminum receiver, so I want to avoid those receiver mounts that attach by replacing the two pins on the receiver. I understand that, under the recoil of the shotgun, the extra weight will cause the pins to oval-out the holes in the receiver. (Although probably, with the few times this gets shot - I hope - it will likely never happen.)

    Google has let me down, so I was wondering if anybody has a lead for any such thing?
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