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Investment or too good to be true

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  • Investment or too good to be true

    I'm all about opportunity. Never did any bidding at the gun broker site but ran across this while looking for a mini-uzi carbine (Semi-Auto)

    The Mini started at 6K so that's not going to happen, this on the other hand seems too good to be true.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    Got a warning about these. The seller has only 1 review. They want money orders and while the site offers security for transactions it's buyer beware. I asked some gun dealers and they had red flags.

    1)The barrels were not standard issue and the bands being brushed off indicate different calibers, None of the IMI's came with banded barrels.

    2) Second clue the finish didn't match on the firearms indicating kit builds. Turns out when IMI was banned from importing the entire gun they shipped thousands of lower receivers with everything but the trigger group, stock, top cover, internal bolt and firing pin assembly and barrels. In other words these are probably kit builds and unless the parts can be inspected they probably are not IMI materials.

    3) The seller is from LA and this type of firearm is forbidden in California. This is a big question because just offering these for sale is a criminal offence, or so I was told.

    4) Just like I wondered was it too good to be true?

    Probably so it's not an investment if these are kit builds.
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    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.